I have a unique selection of original characters and stories created over the last 25 years to teach English, many of which are still available for licencing and development.

Miss English

The character of Miss English is based on a real schoolteacher in Turin.

She will be appearing live at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2024 in the show Miss English's Holiday with Ina Lark and Juliet Turnbull.
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Miss English has starred in two puppet shows: School Trip and Miss English's Holiday and on video she has presented 20 songs for young learners.
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Paranormal Detective John B

I am a great fan of the 1960s TV Series Batman and Robin. I remember as a kid watching the two-part comedy action shows with great excitement and remember vividly how the first part of each episode finished on a cliffhanger.
I wanted to recreate some of this excitement for Italian students so John B, the paranormal detective with his small office in Camden, London was born.
Paranormal Detective John B first appeared in a classroom workshow Horrible Stories for 11 year old students where he enters a class, usually to the complete surprise of the students, and creates paranormal havoc for an hour finding a dead bat in the wastepaper basket and transforming himself into a werewolf!
On the strength of this, I next created Loch Ness Mystery - a story about the Loch Ness Monster, a panther and a hotel run by vampires also for 11 year olds.
Dinosaur Detective for 10 year olds, tells the story of invisibility potions and witches in a dinosaur museum. This story has been further adapted to become our first online Appventure Game which is on sale on our site
New York Mystery for 12 year olds, involves extraterestrials and alligators in the sewers of New York.

Dr. Horror

Dr. Horror originally played by Stewart Arnold, is a big favourite. Thanks to Dr. Horror's ingenious machines learning English is extremely quick but painful. He first appeared in
Dr. Horror's School of English, an interactive half-mask show where the whole audience ends up on stage and joins in the action at various times.
I'm Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror
I'll save you lots of bother
I'm not evil, I'm not bad
I'm a genius, but I'm mad.


Based on the drawings of Jennifer Sutcliffe these naughty dragons are the protagonists in the charming puppet play Jennifer's Dragons and in the 21 videos of Oliver and the Dragons on our online platform.
Learning English Through fun


This amusing magical teacher of English was developed with Raffaello Editrice by myself, Francesco Mancino, Diane Atkins and Elisabetta Rosati. He was the protagonist of the highly successful series of five textbooks Mr. English for the Italian Primary School .